Starting in the spring of 2023, CIT will sponsor a course offered to CUA students through the Law School. The course will be a seminar taught by CIT Co-Director Kevin Walsh. The current course description is included below. Readings will include selections from St. Thomas Aquinas, Fr. Servais Pinckaers O.P., Javier Hervada, and others.

Course description: The study of law arises out of—and opens up into—questions about fundamental matters: What does it mean for us to be free? What is justice? Is law real? This seminar provides a structured inquiry for answering these questions by drawing on the riches of the Catholic intellectual tradition. The course is open to all interested in the disciplines of theology, philosophy, and law who wish to develop an integrated perspective on the pursuit of legal knowledge and practical wisdom. Although prior legal studies are not a prerequisite, the course is designed with those preparing for professional life in the law particularly in mind. The course is not directly about contracts, torts, criminal law, property, civil procedure, or constitutional law, but it is informed by—and aims to inform—further study of these and related fields. 

1 Credit.

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